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AVID Associates now offers high quality Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (SAM) and Multi-Axis Ultrasonic NDT system from OKOS Solutions, LLC. OKOS offers multiple SAM models to suit Scanning Acoustic Microscopy needs of startup Failure Analysis labs, Universities, Research Institutes, Govt. Agencies and Global Companies.

  • VUE 400-P with its versatile functionality is the most popular Scanning Acoustic Microscope
  • VUE 250-P is a compact Scanning Acoustic Microscope for FA labs, Universities and Research Institutes
  • MACROVUE 1000-P is the first Scanning Acoustic Microscope to accommodate large LED/LCD/Solar Panels


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AVID Associates now offers a new, high quality screen printing squeegee material at an extremely attractive price. The new material offers the most attractive features of both "molded" (high durability), and "cast/slit" (sharpness) squeegee's. This has been enabled by combining polyurethane/urethane elastomers with a dense polyester fill. Chemical and wear resistance are superior. Samples are available upon request.

The AVID squeegee material is offered in 26" long strips, 3/8" X 3/8" cross section ("diamond style"). It is color coded by Shore A durometer as follows: 50D = Yellow; 60D = Red; 70D = Black; 80D = White; 90D = Blue. Pricing is $18.25 per strip regardless of durometer. Quantity discounts are available on orders over 100 strips. We ship within 48 hours of receipt of your order.

Please request a sample by clicking on our "Request Information" page, or feel free to place an order by the same means.


The American Competitiveness Institute (ACI) is a scientific research corporation dedicated to the advancement of electronics manufacturing processes and materials.  ACI provides soldering and manufacturing training, consulting, testing, analysis, and engineering services to the electronics industry.

The company vision was to develop a vehicle to bridge the gap between leading edge applied research efforts in electronics manufacturing and the successful integration of the developed technologies on the factory floor.  To that, ACI successfully privatized a regional, government-operated laboratory known as the EMPF (Electronic Manufacturing Productivity Facility).  In 1995, ACI transformed this facility into a National Center of Excellence offering best-in-class technical resources in electronics manufacturing to the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense, and the overall electronics manufacturing community.

The Philadelphia based facility houses a 10,000 square foot demonstration factory containing the latest electronics manufacturing equipment, fully equipped classrooms for IPC certified skill-based and professional level technical training, an analytical laboratory for materials and environmental testing and finally a power packaging laboratory to develop manufacturing capabilities in assembly technology that can exploit the advantages of advanced materials.

ACI offers a full range of results-oriented technical capabilities available to both government and commercial customers.


AMI has long been known as the world leader in high performance screen printers and automation for thick film and hybrid circuit fabrication. Some of AMI's "firsts" include fully automatic vision aligned printing (AVISAS tm) in 1980; the patented Torsion Bar Squeegee Head and many others. With many thousands of systems in use throughout the world, in some of the most difficult/critical applications at the large and well heeled companies supplying such circuitry, AMI has the reputation of being the premier supplier albeit at a premier price.

AMI's recent introduction of the Model 485 enables the entire world of precision thick film screen printing customers to enjoy the renowned precision, performance and reliability of AMI equipment at a much more competitive price. At $17,500 the new 485 screen printer offers heat treated aluminum casting construction mounted to a tool and jig plate base attached to a floor standing welded steel console. Screen sizes up to 12" X 12" ID are accommodated and the Mark III Torsion Bar Squeegee Suspension System is standard as are contact/off-contact print modes and numerous other features. Equipment foot print is also economical at 37" X 38"!

Beta testing of the 485 by certain large customers resulted in orders for in excess of 20 units prior to introduction further indicating the capability of this new product.

Please contact us for more information on the Model 485 screen printer from AMI. You'll find that you can offer your customers (and your bottom line) the quality and performance of an AMI screen printer, in a 12 X 12 format, at a price not previously associated with the AMI brand.


A major power supply manufacturer that wanted to automate an extremely challenging PCB approached Sikama International. As with most power supplies, they generate tremendous heat, and typically have a very high mass. This application was no exception.

The PCB, measuring 9" X 12", weighed 3.25 lbs. when populated with it's capacitors, transformers, coils and power transistors. When the board was approached 5.25 lbs.! With this kind of mass, convection ovens were not capable of achieving reflow temperatures, leaving only hand assembly as an option. Add to the fact that some of the components were very heat sensitive and you are presented with quite a challenge.

Using the Falcon 1200, with it's 1 load zone, 7 heat zones, and 2 cooling zones, they were able to process this beast in a approximately 6 minute, using 45 seconds swell per zone. The key was the temperature control incorporated in Sikama's unique "thermal technology," based on conduction heating in combination with forced thermal convection. Due to this successful application, the customer placed the order and eagerly is awaiting delivery


Please check out KIC's "In-Line Virtual Profiling" by clicking on their logo in our "Line Card" page. It's fully explained there. If you're tired of constant checking of your reflow oven's performance, you'll be happy to know that not only will you be able to continuously monitor your oven profile(s) in real time, but also be able to "prove" the correct profile/recipe for each and every board which travels through your oven... really!

KIC is ONLY in the thermal profiling systems business. Many products are offered to suit your application and budget. Software upgrades for life and a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee are only two of the many benefits unique to KIC. Please let us know if we can demonstrate!