Manufacturer's Representatives for the Electronic Industry
Serving the mid-Atlantic Area

AVID Associates was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer's representative firm offering quality equipment and consumable products to electronic systems and components manufacturers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and northern Virginia.

The name "AVID" was chosen for a very important reason. As with an "AVID fan", AVID Associates are interested, active, eager and attentive to the needs and interest of both our customers and principals. AVID Associates are also knowledgeable about the products we sell and the processes we serve. Given that our quality lines also strategically fit together to satisfy multiple aspects of our customers' production needs, we can also readily act as consultants or integrators. In fact, even though we may not represent a particular "solution" to satisfy a customer's needs, we can usually be helpful in arranging an alternative.

Our typical customers produce in one or more of the following areas: Through-hole and/or surface mount printed circuit boards and assemblies; Thick-film hybrid circuits or packages; Multilayer ceramic packages; components, etc. etc. Customers throughout our area include military, commercial, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace technologies.

Russ Atkinson

Russ Atkinson started AVID coming from 21 years background in various electronic assembly disciplines. Positions previously held include: President, AMI/Presco (screen printers); Joint founder and first president of QUAD Systems (surface mount assembly); V-P General Manager, MTI Systems (component packaging and systems integrator), and others. Russ has been also active in several industry organizations such as ISHM (now IMAPS) serving in several national elected offices including Interconnect/Surface Mount Division Chair. He has been named a Fellow of the Society and has taught Professional Development Courses in electronic packaging and assembly, is a patentee in the field and has authored numerous technical papers.

Lou Razzetti

Lou Razzetti became an associate after a 28 year background in high-tech electronics assembly at Westinghouse. He was Engineering Manager of Westinghouse's world class MCM and microwave module manufacturing facilities and Operations Manager of their Oceanic Division which built large underwater systems. Lou was past-president of ISHM's (now IMAPS) Capital Chapter, Chairman of ASTM's Committee on Hybrid Microelectronics, and is a member of SMTA. He has also taught college level courses on microelectronics processing.

Mike Laing

Mike Laing became an AVID Associate following 18 years of marketing capital equipment to a number of industries with an emphasis on microelectronics, surface mount assembly and high temperature thermal processing of advanced materials including powder metal applications. His past positions include Sales and Promotions Manager for CM Furnaces (High-Temperature Thermal Processing Systems), Multi-National Accounts Manager for Heller Industries (SMT Solder Reflow Ovens), Sales and Marketing Manager for AMI/Presco (Thick Film and SMT Screen Printers), and others. Mike is also an active member of several industry organizations including IMAPS, SMTA, APMI (Powder Metal), AcerS (Ceramics) and AACG (Crystal Growth) and has presented a number of technical papers to these, and other, groups.