Manufacturer's Representatives for the Electronic Industry
Serving the mid-Atlantic Area

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AOI Systems, Ltd
Renfrewshire, Scotland

  • Scanner Based First Article Inspection and Automated Optical Inspection
  • Image Comparator Mode, No Programming Required
  • Table-Top AND In-Line Systems
  • Economical Alternative to Camera Based AOI Systems

BTU International Inc.
North Billerica, MA

  • Hi-Performance Impingement Convection Solder Reflow Systems
  • Thick Film Cermet Firing Furnaces
  • Specialized Furnaces for Electronic Packaging Brazing, Sealing, Ceramic Firing
  • Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Other Atmospheres
  • Thermal Processing Solutions for Electronics

F&K Delvotec
Foothill Ranch, CA

  • Advanced Technology Die & Wire Bond Assembly Systems
  • Manual, Semi and Fully Automatic - Also Custom Automation
  • Ball and Wedge plus Deep Access
  • Epoxy, Eutectic and Combination
  • Patented "Bond Process Control" for Ultimate Bond Quality
  • Extremely Precise, Robust and Reliable

Ventura, CA

  • Wire Bonding Tools: Ceramic Capillaries, Wedges, TAB Tools
  • Fine Pitch Capillaries
  • Gold and Aluminum Wire Bonding Wedges
  • Disk Drive Bonding Tools & Solder Reflow Tools
  • Die Collets, Vacuum Pick-Up Tools, Specialty Tools

Presco and Minutia Products
Lebanon, NJ

  • Manual, Semi-Automatic & Full Automatic Precision Screen & Stencil Printers
  • "AVISAS" Vision Alignment Systems
  • Substrate Handling Automation Modules & Systems
  • I-R Conveyor/Dryer/Curing Ovens
  • "Roller Micrometer" Hi-Speed Sphere Sorting Systems
  • Screen Printing Accessories

KIC Thermal Profiling
San Diego, CA

  • Profiling and Thermal Management/Prediction Systems for all Thermal Processes
  • Unique "Real time Virtual Profiling"

Metal Etching Technology
Lumberton, NJ

  • Precision SMT Stencils via State-of-the-Art Laser Technology
  • Electroformed Nickel Stencils; Premium Product for Optimal Performance
  • All Framed and Frameless Stencil Systems Offered
  • Superior Technical Support for the Most Demanding Applications
  • Five Locations to Best Serve Regional SMT Requirements

NorCom Systems, Inc.
Norristown, PA

  • Automated Hermetic Leak Testing Systems, MIL-Std-883 Approved
  • Tests Individual Packages, PC Board Mounted Packages and Pig-Tailed Packages
  • No Helium Mass Spectroscopy or Bubble Testing
  • Simultaneous Fine and Gross Leak Test
  • Quantitative Results in cc-atm/second Helium
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) of Test Results

Nordson DAGE
Vista, CA

  • Real-Time 2D and 3D All Digital X-Ray Inspection Systems
  • Unique X-Plane Tomosynthesis Sectioning Technology
  • Superior Magnification, Imaging Acuity, Resolution to <0.1 uM
  • Easiest Operating System, NO JOYSTICKS
  • Maintenance-Free Sealed Transmissive 160kV X-Ray Tube
  • Magnification to 60,000X with Digital Zoom

Nordson Yestech
Carlsbad, CA

  • Automated Optical Inspection, In-Line and Batch, down to 01005 Components
  • Automated In-Line 2D and 3D X-Ray Inspection Systems
  • Systems for PCBA, SMT and Microelectronic Applications
  • Wire Bond, Die Inspection, Conformal Coating Inspection and more
  • Solder Paste, Post-Placement, Post-Reflow Inspection, etc

Manassas, VA

  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (SAM)
  • Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing Systems (NDT)
  • High Performance Ultrasonic A/D Boards (Digitizers)
  • Failure Analysis and Package/Material Integrity Assessment
    • Semiconductor (ICs, wafers, PCBs)-VUE 250-P, VUE 400-P
    • Solar & Large Panels: LED, LCD, Solar Cells, Solar Panels - MACROVUE 1000-P
    • Aerospace (metals, composites)-XYZ-TT-GS
    • Traditional NDT (metals, plastics, other)-XYZ-TT-GS
  • Worldwide Support

Optilia Instruments
Sollentuna, Sweden

  • High Definition / High Speed Video Microscope Cameras
  • BGA ball & space inspection cameras
  • Comfortable, bench-top inspection cameras
  • Multiple measuring functions
  • Digital image recording

Pacific X-Ray Imaging
San Diego, CA

  • High Magnification, High Resolution X-ray Imaging
  • Compact Design with Easy to Use and Understand Controls and Imaging Software
  • Flexible Configurations To Meet All Types of Inspection Requirements
  • Open Migration/Upgradable System, Retrofitted On-site To Minimize Cost
  • World Wide Service, Support, and Parts Replacements for Nicolet, GenRad/Teradyne, FocalSpot, Faxitron, & CR-Tech Legacy Manual X-ray Products as well as Series I thru Series III Denon RD-500 Rework Systems

PresSure Products Co.
Charleston, WV

  • Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaners
  • High-efficiency ultrasonic generators and transducers
  • Simplified, reliable solid-state design
  • Low cleaning process costs
  • User-friendly color touchpad operator interface
  • Built-in diagnostic and status indicators
  • Minimal maintenance required

Samsung Technology Inc.
Commerce, CA

  • Flexible, Reliable High Value SMT Placement Systems
  • Turnkey Line Solutions - Low, Medium and High Volume
  • User Friendly Advanced Software
  • Unique Auto Loading, Auto Splicing, Strip Tape Feeders
  • Fully Intelligent IT Systems
  • Superior Customer Service and Support

Sikama International, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

  • Conduction and Conduction/Convection Systems for Reflow/Drying/Curing
  • Systems for PC Board, Semiconductor Wafer, Ceramic and Electronic Package Processing

SST International
Downey, CA

  • Vacuum-solder re-flow systems
  • Fluxless high-vacuum packaging systems
  • Precision graphite alignment tools
  • Development of vacuum soldering processes